FitMoney Fellows at Tufts

Our passion to promote financial literacy among students extends well beyond our own campus. This is why we partnered with the nonprofit FitMoney to create a first-of-its-kind outreach program bringing Tufts students to high school classrooms in the Greater Boston area to teach personal finance workshops.

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What We Do

The FitMoney Fellows initiative selectively recruits and rigorously trains college students to teach financial literacy workshops in local high schools. As slightly older peers who relate to the experiences of their students, the Fellows are in a unique position to connect with students and act as near-to-peer mentors.

Designed by college students and teachers, the FitMoney Fellows curriculum provides comprehensive training in a variety of personal finance topics through interactive and engaging workshops. Partner schools can choose from a set of either four or eight modules that can be taught both virtually and in-person and customized to match any further needs of the audience. 

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